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Eye exams

Important for maintaining your general health keeping your eyes at their best. Usually recommended every two years and more frequently for older folk and those with health problems or a family history of eye conditions.



Contact Lenses

As an independent optician we are free to choose the best lens for your eyes. New soft lens materials are very permeable to oxygen, keeping the corneas healthy while absorbing UVA+B.

Gas permeable lenses are less popular now but still a great option for more complicated prescriptions




This remarkable new technology produces something similar to a CT scan but using only light. It not only produces a 3D image of the nerve macula and cornea, it is able to look for change over time.



Glaucoma amendment 

Glaucoma requires multiple tests to detect it and we are able to offer the more sophisticated technology to find it early on. This is important to prevent any avoidable loss of vision.



Diabetic eye problems

Although we encourage all diabetic patients to take up the NHS screening we are happy to watch for the problems that can occur and hopefully reassure.



Eye exams for children

These tests are usually carried out under the NHS at no charge up to 19 years old. We encourage parents to bring their children from 3 years old - you will be surprised how they enjoy the various tests. We can give advice on the possible changes with growth and maturity.



Pressure testing

Although this is part of glaucoma assessment some people need a simple routine check and we are happy to offer this.